Carlos Brody

Professional Specialist

Chuck Kopec


Adrian Bondy

Emily Dennis

Brian DePasquale (joint w/Pillow lab)

Ahmed El-Hady

Esmeralda Fonseca

Mark Ioffe (joint w/Tank lab)

Josh Julian

Sue Ann Koay (joint w/Tank lab)

Thomas Luo

Marino Pagan

Abby Russo (joint w/Pillow lab)

Graduate Students

Tyler Boyd-Meredith (joint w/Tank lab)

Jess Breda

Diksha Gupta

Tim Kim

Sarah Jo Venditto (joint w/Daw lab)

Jorge Yanar

Alice Yoon (on leave)


Mo Abdelhamid (Neuro senior)


Peter Bibawi — Lab Manager

Rebecca Khaitman — Administrative Assistant

Verity Elliot — Experimental and Data Technician

Jovanna Teran — Animal Training Technician and Training Coordinator

Klaus Osorio — Animal Training Technician

Fanny Palomino de Huayapa Osorio — Animal Training Technician

Jessica Teran — Animal Training Technician

Jessica Morrison — Animal Training Technician

Andrés Bustos — Animal Training Technician

Scott Baptista — Animal Training Technician

John Wuethrich — Animal Training Technician


Recent Postdoc Alumni:

2020 — Lucas Pinto (joint w/Tank lab) — left to become faculty at the Department of Physiology at the School of Medicine of Northwestern University.

2019 — Christine Constantinopleleft to become faculty at the Center for Neural Science at NYU.

2018 — Athena Akrami left to become faculty at the Sainsbury Wellcome Center at UCL, London (see Nature 2018)

2018 — Ben Scott (joint w/Tank lab) — left to become faculty at Boston University. (See Neuron 2013, and eLife 2015, and Neuron 2017.)

2015 — Tim Hanks — left to become faculty at UC Davis (see Nature 2015)

2015 — Michael Yartsev — left to become faculty at UC Berkeley (see eLife 2018).

2014 — Jeff Erlich — left  to become  faculty at NYU-Shanghai (see Neuron 2011 and eLife 2015)

Recent Graduate Alumni:

2019 — Alex Piet left to become a postdoc at the Allen Institute (see Neural Computation 2017 and Nature Communications 2018 ).

2018 — Leenoy Meshulam (joint w/Tank lab and Bialek group) — left to become a postdoc in Ila Fiete’s group at MIT. (See Neuron 2017).

2017 — Kevin Miller — left to become a postdoc in London at Deep Mind and in the Carandini/Harris labs at UCL (see Nature Neuroscience 2017)

2015 — Ann Duan — left to become a postdoc with Ning-long Xu at the Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai (see Neuron 2015)

2012 — Bing Brunton —  left to become a joint postdoc with Tom Daniel and Nathan Kutz at UW Seattle, and in 2014 herself became faculty at UW Seattle (see Science 2013)


Recent Undergraduate Alumni:

2018 — Vincent Tang — left for graduate school in neuroscience at MIT. His senior thesis was on using high-throughput behavior, recording, and optogenetics to study flexible decision-making.