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► December 2017: Grad student Leenoy Meshulam publishes in Neuron on collective behavior in hippocampus

Congratulations to Leenoy Meshulam, whose paper in Neuron is out (link here).

Leenoy Meshulam

In this paper, Leenoy shows that correlation patterns in CA1 hippocampus only partially arise from place encoding. She utilizes a population-level modeling approach to uncover collective patterns of activity in CA1 neurons that substantially reflect not only position but also their internal network state states.

The Maximum entropy model introduced in the paper generates predictions that set a particualry high standard for the level of agreement and precision between theoretical predictions (by Leenoy) and experimental data (by Jeff Gauthier).

Leenoy’s paper was rated “exceptional” on Faculty of 1000 — you can read the great recommendation written by Prof. Leonard Maler here.