► April 2013: Bing Brunton publishes paper in Science

B.W. Brunton, M.M. Botvinick, and C.D. Brody,  Rats and Humans can Optimally Accumulate Evidence for Decision-Making Science 340:95-98 (2013).  This paper describes the “Poisson Clicks” task, a decision-making task which is particularly well-suited to detailed quantitative modeling. Using this task together with a trial-by-trial model of the behavior, Bing showed that rats, like humans, can gradually accumulate evidence for decision-making, and that the evidence accumulator of both species is optimal in the sense of being noiseless and lossless.

A story about it, including an audio podcast, was written for the Princeton University web home page, and got picked up in a variety of lay press, including the Daily Mail in Britain.

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